Blackwell vs Eubank Jr - Review
The SSE Arena in London played host to what promised to be a domestic classic or the British middleweight title between Nick Blackwell, looking to keep hold of the title with his third defence, and Chris Eubank Jr.  The two have had heated exchanges in the buildup.  Full ringside coverage below

Kane Heron vs Kevin MacCauley, Welterweight
Akin to an elderly, decrepid dog play fighting with a young pup, Heron v MacCauley was a paint by numbers exercise of journeyman vs young stat chaser.  MacCauley managed to cut Heron's mouth, which actually seemed to stifle any further effort from MacCauley who regularly sat back on the ropes and did his very best impression of a punchbag. Not a surprise result at all, after 4 rounds Kane won on points.

Peter McDonagh vs Arvydas Trizno, Welterweight
Starting slowly, Trizno was fed more punch than an American college freshman joining an alcoholic fraternity.  Boasting more boob than bomb, Trizno seemed unfazed and if anything, it was his own frustration that was his biggest obstacle. As the fight wore on Trizno came out of his shell, but threw wildly for the most part, increasingly seeming to see a knockout as his only way out of the fight.  In the fourth round Trizno landed some heavy blows on McDonagh which, to his credit, he ate well, after which Trizno seemed to go immediately from timid and unconfident, straight bizarre hubris.  McDonagh remained composed and dispatched Trizno after 6 rounds on points, a rare example of boobs beating bombs!

Yusuf Safa vs Theodor Steanov, Super featherweight
Ending in less the 3 rounds Safa v Stefanov could be said to have been one sided......which it was, just with a caveat; in that, in spite of his clear lack of class in comparison to Safa, Stefanov threw everything he had at the Londoner and gave him a lot to think about, for about 7 minutes anyway.  With consummate ease the Bexleyheath boxer measured his attack and finally gave Theodor Stefanov his marching orders and the queue for the paramedics, half way through round 3.  Yusuf Safa wins by TKO in the 3rd round.

Ricky Boylan vs Lukasz Janik, Super lightweight
Did you know that Janik, in Polish, means 'Slow motion boxing robot'?  Even though that's a lie, you could be mistaken for thinking it WAS true and that nominative determinism was taking hold
Ricky Boylan looked a class apart from Lukasz Janik as he aptly dismantled the Polish boxer - who was ironically, anything BUT polished.  In a scheduled 6 round bout, Lukasz offered nothing aside from a wild swing in the 5th which he landed, but Boylan soaked up nicely.
A bright and lively performance from Boylan who played his part to perfection.  Boylan wins on points after six.

Frank Buglioni vs Olegs Fedotovs, Light heavyweight
Buglioni makes his return after his valiant effort for a super middleweight title in September last year.  Stepping up to light heavyweight, it is a chance for Buglioni to test the water in the heavier weight class.
This was not a test for Frank Buglioni's fighting prowess at a heavier weight, this fight was more like a demonstration of how to lose a fight in less than 3 minutes by Oleg Fedotov.  First, drop your guard and allow ALL punches in, tick.  Second, don't move much, check.  Third, give up.  Fourth, shake your head in faux disappointment and exit stage left.  Painful.  Buglioni cruises to victory, ref stops the fight inside round 1.

Nick Webb vs Zoltan Csala, Heavyweight

So far Webb has amassed four victories from his four outings, no opponent making it to the end of the first round.  *holds bridge of nose in disgust* This fight was worse than Frank Buglionis, do you really want to know what happened?  OK..  Zoltan Csala waddled around the ring - running away from Nick Webb - for about 2 minutes, before Webb landed a head shot at which point "professional boxer" Zoltan Csala cried off and gave up.  Pathetic.  Nick Webb learns nothing and wins by TKO in the 1st - painful for just about everyone Nick Blackwell vs Chris Eubank Jr, British middleweight championship (12 x 3)

Nick Blackwell vs Chris Eubank Jr, British middleweight championship (12 x 3)

With Blackwell’s British title on the line, Eubank makes his return to a Hennessy Promotions show.  Both hold losses to Billy Joe Saunders and this represents an opportunity for either man to progress towards world honours
2 minutes before the opening bell, Tyson Fury and Billy Joe Saunders stood in full regal magnificence in the corner of Nick Blackwell, alas, the king of the ring on the night was comprehensively Chris Eubank Jr.
The first round promised a fairly even display with both fighters showing their speed and skill.  However, this turned out to be a measurement exercise for Eubank as, in the 2 round, the throttle was let out and he started to dissect Blackwell with all the precision of the skilled neurosurgeon.   The punishment didn't subside, much has to be said for Nick Blackwell's bravery and drive at this stage, unfortunately, on this occasion, such an admirable asset was not rewarded with anything other than pain and anguish.
Round after round, Blackwell was attempting to soak up the Eubank power whirlwind, but his guard wasn't resilient enough and his movement was laboured and predictable at best and nowhere near good enough against a fighter with the pedigree of Chris Eubank Jr.
As the sixth round came to a bruising end, I had Eubank up by at least 10 points, what was the point in this charade carrying on?  Rumours on the floor were that Blackwell's tactic was wear down Eubank and attack as he tired, the major problem with this plan being Blackwell's inability to defend against the Eubank onslaught and given that Blackwell had demonstrated nothing to suggest he could land a knockout blow to his opponent, his only hope would have been a complete implosion from Eubank, the likes of which we've never seen, so where was the logic?!  Where were Blackwell's corner at this point?
Battered and bloodied, Blackwell backs out of the corner as Eubank characteristically drops his guard in disdain for his opponent, then, lifts his arm, gesturing at Blackwell as if to say "Are you going to let this carry on?  Look at him!" The referee did nothing.  Blackwell's corner did nothing.  The fight continued, scrap that, the DEMOLITION continued.
Dodging and weaving, moving like and accomplished dancer, the enigmatic Eubank read 9 of every 10 shots from Blackwell like he'd been delivered the script by courier a week ago, Blackwell was left chasing shadows.
As the eighth round approached, Blackwell was now bleeding from both nostrils and looking increasingly jaded.  Eubank had visibly let off his attack, whilst commendable, this is something that should not be asked of any boxer and it's scary to imagine what might have been if Eubank had not let his heart rule his head.
Two rounds later and the tenth round is underway, sense had surely been lost at this stage, where was that towel?  Even the most ardent Blackwell fan couldn't have possibly seen a way back for the Wiltshire boxer, yet AGAIN his corner and the referee both failed to pull the bulldog spirited lad out.
Finally, the ringside doctor called a halt to proceedings and not a moment too soon as, within minutes, a beleaguered Blackwell had collapsed and was later whisked to hospital, after receiving oxygen on the canvas.
It has to be said, it was a dynamic display by Eubank, showing an incredible amount of skill, looking to have developed both his ring intelligence and increased his physical endurance, continuing to develop on this trajectory will surely see him reach world level sooner rather than later.
As for Blackwell, at time of writing, rumours are all we have and nothing factual has come back, lets hope that for both the sake of the health of Nick Blackwell, the professional conduct of all of those in positions of responsibility for this fight and a truly majestic display by Chris Eubank Jr that Nick Blackwell recovers fully, because make no mistake, if he does not, the two men in the ring tonight will have been the only two that didn't contribute to what would be a potentially horrific outcome.  A difficult one for all involved to make a judgement on the night.

Hughie Fury vs Dominic Guinn, Heavyweight
Fury again suffers from a late replacement after original opponent Nagy Aguilera withdrew from the fight.  Fury is looking to continue his progression through the division against a man who hasn’t been stopped in 46 bouts.

Guinn didn't give Fury the opportunity to show off his full skillset here.  He showed every inch of why he hadn't been stopped before and Fury seemed reluctant to step on the gas.  The fight wasn't helped by what had gone on before and the atmosphere had been sapped from the arena.  A comfortable 100-90 Fury win in a fight that was domnated by the stiff jab.