Debutant Watch - Owen P Stone

Own P Stone
Writer:  Jon Briggs
The latest edition of the Debutant Watch series makes its own debut at featuring Kent’s Cruiserweight hopeful Owen P Stone. Owen has been involved in boxing since his teenage years and after as spell on the IBA boxing circuit now makes the transition into the professional ranks. He will fight under the tutelage of trainer and manager Joe Elfidh who is hosting regular shows in Kent hoping to spark a boxing revolution in the area.
Owen makes his debut on the 5th March at the Medway Park Leisure Centre in Gillingham in a four round contest at Cruiserweight but feels his future is destined to be at light-heavyweight.
What made you want to start boxing?
“I started off when I was about twelve or thirteen training with a friend and his uncle in a small gym in a garage, we did that for about a year and then moved over to local gym St Marys ABC until I was eighteen. I took a break from boxing but then me and my twin brother met Joe and we started getting back into the training.”
Did you have a boxing idol when you were younger?
“Muhammad Ali is my favourite all time fighter. I have watched all his fights and matches like Ali vs Frazier are amazing. I loved all his bouts, brilliant fighter!”
Did you do much amateur boxing?
“I had a fair few amateur fights, probably around 25 in total. Most of my bouts were local shows and I also fought on the unlicensed scene for a while.”
How do you know the time is right to turn pro?
“I feel really comfortable working with Joe who also looked after me in my unlicensed fights when I beat some good kids and won a few titles. I felt the unlicensed contests were much more of a fight than boxing as an amateur so that’s given me the confidence to turn professional.”
Do you work full-time alongside boxing?
“I am working two jobs. We have got a baby on the way so I am trying to juggle all that about at the moment. I am always running in the mornings and still sparring three times a week. I don’t get a lot of sleep!”

What sort of fighting style do you have?
“I like to fight as a counter puncher and use my quick hands. I am turning pro with all the basics but I understand I have a lot to learn and am picking up new things every day in the gym. I have been getting some good sparring from Dan Woodgate and other lads which is adding things to my game all the time. I am starting with a blank canvas and learning and improving all the time.”

What ambitions/expectations do you have for your pro career?
“Ideally I want to be the best light-heavyweight in Kent. I would like my kid to go to school with his head held high and be able to say his Dad is a professional boxer and be proud of that, I will be more than happy with that. I am putting my trust in Joe and if further down the line he thinks I’m ready for some sort of title shot then I will definitely go for it.”