Joe Joyce vs Ian Lewison plus full undercard

Olympic silver medallist Joe Joyce making his professional debut at the O2 Indigo, in at the heavyweight deep end against British title challenger Ian Lewison.

Tunji Ogunniya v Teodor Nikolov (4x3, Super-Welterweight)
Ogunniya with a solid first round, slickly working off the jab. In the second a nice couple of uppercuts to the body seem to hurt Nikolov as he winces, but Ogunniya escapes well. The round ends with Ogunniya again working the body into the ropes.

The third goes without action, but in the fourth the two meet centre ring to start for an enjoyable exchange. Ogunniya dominated the round, landing some solid right hands, as the fight came to an end Ogunniya appeared to drop Nikolov but it was ruled a slip. Ogunniya went straight after him, but the bell rang to end the fight.

The referee scored the bout 40-36 to the winner Ogunniya, who goes to 3-0.

Duane Sinclair v Mislav Milodovic (4x3, Light-Heavyweight)

Undefeated light heavyweight Sinclair looking to go 7-0 tonight in front of a loud support. Sinclair boxes well off the jab in round one, countering well when he gets the opportunity. Sinclair sets Milodovic up in the ropes, again off that Lang jab to open a gap for a big right hand over the top. It lands flush, Milodovic immediately going on wobbly legs into the ropes. Sinclair looks to follow up, but the referee steps in to stop any more damage.

The referee stops the bout after 2 minutes 43 of round one, giving the ever improving Sinclair his second career stoppage win

Jordan Dennis v Darren Snow (4x3, Light-Heavyweight)

A dominant display from Dennis, fighting up from his typical weight division. He worked the hooks to the body well through the fight, the highlight coming in round three as he dropped Snow. Snow doubled over but beat the count - Dennis took his time though, seemingly happy to see the rounds through.

He boxed well, finding cute angles with his hands down, Snow offering very little in resistance. A 40-34 win for Dennis, who continues the undefeated start to his career.

Adi Burden v Georgi Valevski (4x3, Light Heavyweight)
Burden on the front foot through round one, dominating the smaller Valeski. He looks for the right hand but Valeski is too cute, wary of it coming.

In the second Burden engages well, seemingly having Valevski in trouble with a body shot but Valevski recovers well once turned. A Burden right hand sends the gum shield loose from Valevski's mouth to end the round. In the third Burden starts to work the body well, Valevski now looking to cover more. The two tangle at the end of the round, Valevski ending up on the floor in the corner. He gets up but seems hurt, Burden senses it - he sets up on the ropes with a lead right hand, the follows with a left hook to the falling Valevski. The referee counts him, he makes it to his feet as the bell goes.

In the final round, Burden gets frustrated with the clearly tired Valevski, throwing him from a clinch to the canvas. Valevski gets to his feet, Burden goes in for the finish with a big right hand that Valevski takes to the chin. The referee has seen enough here and waves the fight off to the delight of Burden and his followers in a career best display.

Tom Ansell v Aleksandar Chukaleyski (4x3, Super-Welterweight)
Ansell looking to go 2-0 here tonight. An enjoyable first round, Ansell looking to jump into range for his shots. Chukaleyski is landing the lead uppercut each time they come together, but Ansell is happy to keep engaging.

In the second, Ansell lands a big clean right early on that seems to stun his opponent, leaving him stood on the ropes. Ansell continues to fire off before Chukaleyski seemingly falls to the canvas, but the referee doesn't rule it a knockdown. He gets up, Ansell continues to tee off before finally the referee has seen enough and jumps in to stop what was ceiling a one sided fight.

Entertaining fight and a solid win for the undefeated Ansell.

Nick Parpa v Jindrich Velecky (4x3, Cruiserweight)
A dominant first round from Parpa who handles Velecky with ease. The jab is solid, as he builds room for right hands down the middle and around the side. Velecky stumbles back from a jab, but manages to hold his feet. In the second, Parpa is doing some serious damage to the left eye of Velecky, some nice uppercuts getting through.

In the third Parpa seems to take a breather, but Velecky isn't firing back enough to make him work. In the final round, Parpa steps back on the gas but is unable to find a way to out Velecky away.

In the end a comfortable win for Parpa, who eases his way to a solid win.

Luke Robinson v Robert Studzinski (4x3, Light-Heavyweight)
Quiet opening couple of rounds, Robinson working from his long jab. Studzinski though is dangerous, catching frequently when Robinson comes in.

Robinson works well through the third, then in the fourth Studzinski has his most success, catching Robinson with flurries of shots.

The referee scored the bout as 39-38 in favour of Luke Robinson
Adrian Martin vs Jan Korec (4x3, super-welterweight)
Good first round for Martin, landing well with the straight one two when Korec comes in. Korec tries to rush his way in, but Martin is well composed as he approaches. In the second, Martin is dominant, showing some clean boxing skills to outwork Korec and beating him to the punch each time.

Same happens through the third, Martin is comfortable and enjoying himself tonight. In the fourth, Martin starts to work some hooks to the body, Korec unable to block them. Martin controls, until the last ten seconds where he is caught with a left hook but takes it well. 
The referee hands a clear points victory to Adrian Martin.

Michael 'Venom' Page vs Jonathan Castano (4x3, Super-Middleweight)
The charismatic Page, making his boxing debut after crossing over from the world of MMA. 
To say Page is unorthodox would be the same as saying that the sea is a bit wet. He dances, he pretends to be drunk and occasionally he boxes. Boxes well? Hard to tell really, Castano offers so little in return that to judge this as a boxing match seems almost cruel to the sport.

Page was all over the ring - one thing he did show was some good footwork. But in reality this was a showcase, a semi-exhibition to introduce Page to boxing fans.

It ended in the third round, a launching overhand right dropping Castano which displayed good power. Castano did get to his feet and protested to the referee, but it was waved off to a half bemused, half delighted crowd. Welcome to boxing Mr Page.

Joe Joyce vs Ian Lewison (10x3, Heavyweight)

Intriguing first round, Joyce neglecting his jab and walking in, while Lewison loads up heavily on the right over hand. Lewison adopts a clear game plan, whereas Joyce is still establishing his own.

Lewison keeps throwing those big right hands, while Joyce is starting to target the Lewison body. Joyce seems slow into the attacks though, that big frame rotating into shots but seeimgly lacking the leverage to bring big power. He throws left hooks, some break the Lewison guard while others meet air. However Joyce is in clear control as we approach the mid rounds.

The Joyce work rate is unquestionable and you can see why he gets the Juggernaut nickname. He seemingly has a single gear; forwards. It is to his detriment at times though, he would benefit from a backwards step or a consideration of his punch selection. His constant punching makes his work look messy at times.

He often pins Lewison in the corner, Lewison also seemingly struggling with a hurt ankle. So many punches, how many are effective is questionable. 
It ends in the eighth, the Lewison corner throwing the towel. Impressive of Joyce to force the stoppage on his debut. There are questions, but let's not forget this was a debut. The second outing will be awaited with interest.

Willy Hutchinson vs Attila Nagy (4x3, TBC)
The amateur Scottish star, at 19 years old, makes a destructive debut. Spiteful shots, well placed and timed, and a total demolition job. Not much to say other than this lad is a potential star.