Lucas 'Big Daddy' Browne

Some boxing fans will appreciate a slick skillset in the ring, the defensive mastery of a Floyd Mayweather or Pernell Whittaker.  But nearly every boxing fan appreciates the power and raw excitement of a heavy hitting, come forward heavyweight.  In Australian Lucas Browne, boxing has got just that.  36 years old, standing six foor 4 ,a torso covered in tattoos and weighing in over 18 stones, Browne is certainly built for the heavyweight division.
 A professional record in boixng of 22-0-0 (19 KOs), Browne is already on to his second fighting career, having already excelled in mixed martial arts - impressively he went 6-2-0 in MMA (and actually one of only 2 losses on his whole record is to current UFC light heavyweight title holder, Daniel Cormier).  Says Browne to me:
"I made the choice to just be a boxer due to the fact that I never kicked and am not a wrestler, my world title fight against now UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier was the defining moment for me in that regards, and boxing is where it's at for me."
Not a bad record for a man who by his own admission was one dimensional in a world of fighters who specialise in variation.  Browne's last MMA fight was in November 2010, at which point he changed his focus solely to boxing - and his sights were set on a world title. In his first 3 years as a pro boxer Browne had won all 11 fights in his native Australia.  Although gathering an Anitpodean fan base, Browne was looking to take his career on the road.  
Over his next eight fights Browne fought in the UK, Canada and back in his homeland - including a points victory against slippery boxing greatness James Toney.  Again finishing this streak of fights undefeated, he had picked up the respect of the British fan base in this time by taking on and defeating in his home country the previously undefeated heavyweight from Hull, Richard Towers.  Seen as a real test forBrowne to take on a man who at the time had a very similar record (14-0-0) Browne took apart Towers and finished the fight in 5 rounds - asserting his power over the taller fighter.  When talking about his willingness to travel the world for fights, Browne says:
 "I'm Australian and will always live here but I really don't care where I fight. Hatton is based in the uk so I've fought there a lot and have had massive support from the uk fans so I'm very welcomed and humbled by that."
Browne is now signed to British boxing legend Ricky Hatton's promotional stable.  He acknowledges that being on other sides of the world sometimes makes the working relationship difficult.  "It is what it is, it's hard sometimes with the distance in regards to communication etc, but I think my time is coming soon."
Indeed it could be very soon.  Browne has been sparring verbally on Twitter with current WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.  Wilder recently made the first defence of his title against Eric Molina and looked far from the explosive fighter who made his way to the top of the WBC rankings.  " I think wilder is there for the taking and would love to be the first Australian heavyweight to ever win a legitimate world title, another one for the history books" says Browne.
Wilder isn't the only champion Browne is weighing up.  For some time now he has been the mandatory challenger to Ruslan Chagaev, the WBA Regular heavyweight champion.  However with Chagaev already lined up to fight Francesco Pianeta in July, does Browne believe the Russian champion will want to face him?
Lucas Browne
"To be honest I'm not sure, he's fighting Pianeta, and then if he does win that, he may or may not be fighting Oquendo, so at this stage I'm not holding my breathe"
You very much get the feeling with Browne that he knows he is an avoided man.  While Deontay Wilder speaks about wanting to unify the division, then fights lower class fighters like Molina, it is hard to see him volunteering to defend against Browne with his 86% KO record.  He is currently ranked within the top 10 of all of the recognised organisations - he has options.  You sense that he needs his chips to fall into place - Browne is not adverse to voicing his frustration over the politics in the sport on social media and is clearly a man who wants to be in the ring fighting, not dealing with the politics out of it.  He is a fighting man by nature - having formerly worked the doors as a bouncer in his homeland it is no surprise that his style is at times agricultural.
Should the opportunities fall in to place and Browne be succsseful in his crack at a world title, what next for him?  There is the possibility of a Southern hemisphere super fight on the horizon, as the also unbeaten New Zealander Joseph Parker (14-0-0)  makes his way through the heavyweight field.  Does Browne see Parker as a possible foe for a big showdown in the future?
"I really like Parker and think he's a real talent in the sport, in saying that I don't see myself fighting him before a world title shot no.  It's in the making for sure and will come around one day soon I think."
That would make for a sporting spectacle down under.  Parker has similarly been fighting around the world, but expect the two fighters to face off in one of hteir home countries should the day ever come.
Before that day though, Browne needs a bit of luck to come his way in getting the opportunities.  Reliant on Hatton Promotions to get him the breaks that he deserves, you can't help but hope that 'Big Daddy' is put in with a fighter like Deontay Wilder and let the two of them slug it out.  Browne has acknowledged his limitations in the past, and Wilder himself has looked flawed - but as fans you can guarantee it would be an old school tear up that the heavyweight division has been waiting for.  Fans, as much as Lucas himself, can only hope at this point.