New Era
New Era Review
Saturday night saw the start of the season for Goodwin Promotions at York Hall.  The card was full of prospects and up and coming fighters - not a great card, but a great opportunity for a number of debutants and newly turned professionals to sample fight night.  As ever at York Hall the crowd were sizzling throughout and the fighters fed on the energy - conversely the crowd would erupt as the fights picked up.  Traffic did its best to conspire against me seeing the full card, so apologies to any fighter left off.
Neil Parry vs Duane Grimes:
Parry makes his debut here at welterweight against Grimes (1-7-0).  Great first round for the debutant who has a height and reach advantage but looks less muscular than his opponent.  He rops Grimes, removing the gumshield of his more experienced opponent in the process. 
In the second Parry utilises the reach more, holding Grimes off with the jab.  The shorter fighter trys to find routes around the lengthy arms of Parry but can only meet a solid defence on the occassion that he does and Parry dominates again.
By round three it seems that the energy may be going from Parry, as Grimes ups his own workrate and starts to pressure the debutant, perhaps sensing he has misjudged the stamina levels.  Parry continues to to enough through the fight though to see it out and claims the points win 38-37, helped considerably by that first round knockdown.

Remel Scott vs Gordon Glisic
In light heavyweight action Remel Scott (1-2-0) takes on Gordan Glisic (6-24-2).  Scott pins the Croat to the ropes and stalks him for most of the first round, landing some significant blows to the body but seemingly having less joy upstairs.
The second round carries on in much the same vein, but Glisic does have more success of his own.  The third sees Scott utilise his jab more, but he seems reluctant to throw to the body and lands a lot to the gloves of the Croat who has learned to anticipate the sharp left of Scott. 
Scott picked up a simple points win here.  More variation in his shots would have been nice to see but dominated a limited opponent - may feel disappointed after such a dominant first round not to be able to push for the stoppage, but was a comprehensive win.
Ryan Crawford vs Larry Olubamiwo
'Rhyno' Ryan Crawford is making his heavyweight debut tonight against the 'War Machine' Larry Olubamiwo.  Olubamiwo (11-14-0) comes into this on the back or a rare victory of late - albeit via DQ when AJ Carter hit him when down.  That recent win didn't fill the sails of ambition for the 'War Machine' who was happy to cover and retreat from the powerful looking debut fighter Crawford. 
Crawford was always coming forward from the first bell, but seemed overly hesitant to commit, perhaps wary of risking too much on his debut.  He came forward with gloves tightly masked to his forehead looking to unload in distance on Olubamiwo, but just didn't seem to put the flurry of punches together to damage his opponent.  The end of the third he seemed to genuinely get to Olubamiwo but it was too late as the bell rang to end the round.
The crowd got a bit restless, urging the two fighters to come together and trade.  Crawford stalked again in the fourth but the wily Olubamiwo was less 'War Machine' an more 'Cover and don't get hurt Machine'.  He knew his place in this fight and did his job - Crawford perhaps could have done more, but will be satisfied to claim a clear points victory against a former Southern Area champion.

Andrew Joicey vs Lukas Leskovic:
Unbeaten Andrew Joicey (1-0-0) took on Croation Lukas Leskovic at welterweight.  Joicey displayed he is a tricky fighter, getting in and out of range well and leaving little to hit for Leskovic.  The Croat had come to fight though and when he did get in range was happy to trade.
By the fourth and final round Leskovic had little in the tank and Joicey had things his own way.  The Croatian corner team by this point were doing more shadow boxing than there man manage in the ring.  A comfortable points win for Joicey.
Jose Lopes vs Reinis Porozovs:
First thing to note is what great condition Lopes (3-0-0) looks.  He's a huge cruiserweight and easily extended here his unbeaten record.  Perhaps not his slickest performance, he lacked some of the explosiveness his trainer Don Charles has touted of him.
By the third round he had settled into the fight, dropping his gloves and letting out a ROAR to get the crowd behind him.  It worked, as he dropped his opponent with some spiteful shot picking. 
He couldn't match that success through the final rounds, but picked up an easy points victory.
AJ Carter vs Igor Mihaljevic:
Carter (6-2-0) is coming off two defeats, although one was a DQ to Larry Olubamiwo after hitting on the break.  He made short work here, stopping his opponent with a savage KO in the second round.  The London heavyweight is back to winning ways and will look to push on.
Spyros Demetriou vs Moses Matovu:
The debutant Demetriou has a powerful look about him.  Main his bow as a professional he is short and squat with a muscular physique.  He came to the ring adorned in Dereck Chisora-esque face towel and had a huge following behind him, really picking up the atmosphere in York Hall.
His opponent Matovu (5-60-4) showed all the signs of a man who knows how to protect himself in a ring without displaying huge amounts of ambitions.  He did however play the journeyman role to perfection, giving the crowd something to cheer as he dropped the gloves, showed off his repertoire of dance moves and at time even threw punches back at Demetriou.
The home fighter has an energetic style about him - his head is always on the move, rarely occupying the centre line or there to be hit.  Quite how much that style would suit the longer distances remains to be seen, but his physique suggests he may have the power if he gets the opportunity to end fights early.  Being smaller, Demetriou often had to find a way in to range to land on Matovu, and when he did the wily opponent would often cover and spoil.  Demetriou looks raw, but he can be given a pass as it is his professional debut and he claimed a comfortable points win.
Karl Wheeler vs Tomsilav Rudan:
The final bout of the evening saw Karl Wheeler (9-5-1) continue his return to the sport against Croation Tomislav Rudan (5-5-1).  Wheeler returned last year after a nine year hiatus from boxing, and continues his good form in picking up a six round ponts victory. 
Wheeler displayed good energy in the fight, being able to carry his shots through to the final round.  His opponent didn't cause too many issues for him - our favourite Croatian cornerman was back for this fight.  This is a man who doesn't do positive encouragement for his fighters, but is happy to tell them to wheel around their opponent throughout the rounds.  Rudan was always going to struggle here, Wheeler dominated in all departments and made good use of his natural size advantage. 
It was clear from the third onwards that the Croat was going to dig in and see the fight out, without displaying too much ambition of his own.  Wheeler can be happy with his display here.
*All fighter records () depict their records prior to last nights fight.