Night of War - Goodwin Promotions

The Josh Goodwin promoted Night of War show took place Saturday 5th December 2015 out of the historic York Hall in Bethnal Green. Two Southern Area title fights, former Commonwealth and English champions and some exciting talent lined up for a packed venue that closed off the 2015 calendar for Goodwin Promotions in style.
John O'Donnell vs Jan Balog (welterweight, 6 x 3 minute rounds)
First up was former Commonwealth welterweight champion John O'Donnell, as he continued his comeback with his second bout of the year, building towards his pursuit of British champion Sam Eggington. The first round saw O'Donnell land a stiff right hook to the head on the slightly fleshy looking Jan Balog, the round ending with a tidy lead uppercut and hook combination from the rangy southpaw.
In the second round Balog looked to shorten the distance, aware that the jab of O'Donnell was a weapon he was struggling to get around. O'Donnell kept working his jab to good effect, jeeping his Czech opponent at distance before again working the hooks, this time to the body. The round endedwith a wild overhand left from Balog meeting more air than opponent.
In the third round a trickle of blood appears from the nose of O'Donnell which seems to spur the Irishman back into action and he ups the aggression in his shots. Through the fourth, Balog starts to beckon him in to engage in a tear up, but O'Donnell is too cute to be drawn in and continues to circle the ring well, choosing his moment to launch attacks.  By the fifth the nose of O'Donnell is looking more bloodied but he still does the cleaner work in the ring.
Come the sixth round Balog is happy to drop his gloves and try to instigate a war, knowing full well the cards will not be in his favour. On one occassion O'Donnell does attack he lands a nice tight uppercut, sending Balog's head tilting back. It's not enough to find a short ending though as the fight goes to the referee's decision, who scores the fight 59-55 in O'Donnell's favour. He can move on to more lucrative fights from this.
Lucas Ballingall vs Russ Midgley (super featherweight, 4 x 3 minute rounds)
19 year old Ballingall is looking to extend his unbeaten record here again Midgley, and attacks well from the opening bell. A good left hook catches Midgley in the body, who is then pinned to the ropes. Ballingall unloads but is unable to follow up with the telling punches as Midgley escapes the advances, but is stalked around the ring and looks in trouble as he is bundled to the ground. Rules a no knockdown, Balilingall continues his assault as Midgley's corner try to tell him to cover up, but the 19 year old is too quick and sharp, evading the covering and landing another flurry of shots before the end of the round.
The second starts as the first ended, Ballingall in control and picking his shots with composure belying his age. He does throw a couple of wild shots, but quickly regains his composure to dominate the round. Midgley's shots lack the 'snap' to hold off his younger opponent who continues to push him around the ring and have it his own way.
In the third Midgley is looking tired as Ballingall avoids the spoiling techniques, creating the space needed to throw his punches, the best of which is a clean uppercut, taking advantage of Midgley's low head approaches. By the fourth Midgley looks like he's had enough, but Ballingall lacks the power in his punches that he displayed earlier and can't take advantage of his weakened opponent. A comfortable 40-36 win for Ballingall who moves to 4-0.
Darren Townley vs Csaba Bolcskei (light welterweight, 4 x 3 minutes rounds)
There's a warm welcome for Townley from the travelling fans who have made their way up from the South coast. The fight starts with Bolcskei having a good attack on the ropes, but Townley is able to escape and uses his height and reach advantage through the rest of the round to keep the smaller opponent off of him.
In the second Townley starts to throw the lead right hand, before working the jab and following with another right to the body on instruction from his corner. His shots lack the power though to stop Bolcskei coming forward, who is always a danger as Townley struggle to keep him at distance. In the third Townley lands an uppercut that sparks a brief exchange in the centre of the ring before he again take off on the back foot. Gym mate Jamie Speight issues ringside instructions next to the boss man Steve Goodwin. Bolcskei continues to find success getting inside the rangy jab of Townley and does his best work on the inside. 
The fourth is a drab affair, Bolcskei by now leading with the head to make things awkward to Townley who absorbs some shots to the body, Neither fighter in any danger throughout, the referee scored it 39-38 to Townley who moves to 2-0 in his career.
Neil Parry vs Alec Bazza (welterweight, 4 x 3 minute rounds)
The man from Belfast, Bazza, lands a good left hook in the opening stanza and keeps a tight guard, on occasion pierced by a stiff left jab. The better shots were landed by Bazza but more workrate from Parry. The second opens with Parry landing a flush right hook that dips the knees of Bazza and the referee looks interested, but he regains his balance as Parry follows up with a solid hook to the body. Bazza continues to look wobbly through the round as Parry slips a couple of jabs before landing a good counter right. Bazza does well to see the roundout.
In the third Parry rolls under a jab before landing a solid counter left as Bazza tried to make sure the distance is closed, his corner instructing him to tie Parry up but he continues to show more ambition, throwing punches on the inside.
By round four Parry continues to do the better work as Bazza looks tired, the earlier shots clearly taking their toll. The referee scored the bout 39-38 to Parry who moves to 2-0.
Jose Lopes vs Tomislav Rudan (cruiserweight, 6x3)
Sporting short and tight dreadlocks, Lopes must have a six inch height advantage at least in this fight. He shows a classy defence, when Rudan comes forward, defending with his foot movement and not always the gloves while also utilising his better head movement to stay clear. There is little action to open the fight. In round two Lopes well in control but could do with upping the work rate. Composed throughout and controlling off the jab he has slick foot movement for such a big man. Rudan gets his own left hook in the corner but Lopes brushes it off and continues his pursuit or the smaller man but unable to unload in combinations. 
That continues in the third round, too many single punches by Lopes who is seemingly unwilling to commit. A good three punch combo brings the crowd to life but it's back to working off the jab from there. Round four sees more of the Lopes jab controlling the fight as he follows Rudan around the ring. Rudan for his part makes a number of advances, but attacks in straight lines with no angles and Lopes is able to display more of his nimble foot movement, often defending with his gloves held high and away from his face.
The action heats up in round five as Rudan attacks Lopes in the corner and rocks his head back with a good right hand but can't keep the bigger man pinned in. Lopes looks flustered going to the end of the round. Into the sixth and Rudan seemingly connected with the overhand right as Lopes slipped but it isn't deemed a knockdown. Lopes lands a heavy left to the body of his own and doesn't have things his own way through the fight as may have been expected. The referee gives the result to Lopes 60-54 who now has a record of 5-0.
Matt McCarthy vs Michal Vosyka (light middleweight, 6 x 3 minute rounds)
Straight out the blocks McCarthy attacks well to the head and body landing slick combinations. On the rare occassion he is landed on himself he smiles back at Vosyka through the gumshield. McCarthy dances his way around the ring, light on his feet and able to stay out of range. He keeps his upper body in constant motion, making sure nobody is home when a shot is thrown before using natural motion to land his own punches fully utilising the body mechanics.  In round two McCarthy switches in and out of southpaw position with ease. He lands some beautiful heavy shots, one right uppercut fully extends the neck back of Vosyka and heavy accurate body shots serve to underline the class difference between the two. Hard punishment is being taken already for the man from the Czech Republic.
Through the third McCarthy continues to dominate this fight. Vosyka indicates the shots aren't having an effect but seems eager to clinch when in range to spoil the inside work of McCarthy. In round four there is some quality work to the body by McCarthy who is happy to drop the gloves and toy with his opponent. Vosyka is marking up around the waist and hips, showing the red markings of a man who has taken some hard punishment tonight. In round five McCarthy winds the hands up while dancing the ring, showing more fancy head work to go with it. He's a very stylish fighter, who shows he is levels above his opponent here. Every right hook to the body is finding a home as his opponent not only shows the damage on his rib & hips but the red of McCarthy's gloves is now imprinted on his shorts too. A seriously tough opponent this man. 
The last round opens with at least a 10 shot combo from McCarthy out of southpaw, his opponent unable to do anything but cover as shots rain in to head and body. Right to the body, left hook to the head and a big right to the head follow it up from McCarthy as Vosyka looks in trouble but he manages to cover back up. One more big right to the body, what must have been one of over 50 in the fight, and this has been as comprehensive a victory as you will see. However for Vosyka you have to praise his willingness to see the six rounds out as he has taken some serious firepower through the fight. It ends an inevitable 60-54 for McCarthy, who moves on to look for an English title shot in 2016.
Shaquil Day vs Lewis O'Mara (welterweight, 4 x 3 minute rounds)
Debut for Day, who gets a huge ovation as he makes his ring walk. He is decked out in black shorts with bright green flashing down the side with boots to match and has the better of the first round, landing a flush right to the body of southpaw O'Mara who manages to clinch and wait for the referee's break. O'Mara lands a nice left in an exchange to close the round.
Into the second and Day is on top still, showing a good work rate but lacking some of the requisite power to cause problems for O'Mara.  In the fourth the 21 year old Day takes two nice overhand lefts from O'Mara but it's Day who has the better workrate through the round. O'Mara is flicking the jab without real intent. The fight really lights up in the middle of the round as the two exchange good shots on the ropes but neither landing anything telling to stop the onslaught from the other as the fight ends. The referee scores it 40-37 Day to the approval of the crowd. 
Karl Wheeler vs Yavor Marinchev (cruiserweight, 6 x 3 minute rounds)
Wheeler makes an impressive entrance, flanked by son Onri the two perform a choreographed dance routine to the ring. He and Marinchev don't mesh well for the first round, although a nice left body shot from Wheeler connects as both try to establish their range.
In round two the smaller Marinchev lands a few jabs as Wheeler concentrates his efforts to the body landing left and right hooks. Marinchev seems to bother Wheeler with a bit right hook that momentarily puts Wheeler off balance but he sees the round through. In round three Wheeler is trying to measure distance with the jab put Marinchev, despite the obvious height disadvantage, lands the more accurate as the two toy with each other. Wheeler throws a bit lead right as Bolcskei starts to lead in with the head to the ropes, looking to work to the body. Little engagement between the two, Wheeler throws a winging shot that brushes past Marinchev who side steps and lands a counter. Marinchev pins Wheeler to the ropes and lands big right hand and follows up as Wheeler is off balance. He tumbles forwards and almost rugby tackles Marinchev, as the two regain their standing position the referee gives a count to wheeler as he retakes his feet. Marinchev stays on him as Wheeler sees the round through.
In round four Marinchev continues landing clean on Wheeler, who launches a rushed attack that Marinchev sidesteps as Wheeler lands on the middle rope. Wheeler looking worn out here and knows he needs to get the rounds back. The crowd get behind Wheeler in round five as he takes centre ring. He's regrouped, Marinchev is still throwing shots but the cover is better. A nice right lands from Wheeler as Marinchev beckons him into the corner. Wheeler doesn't oblige. Marinchev fights out of the corner throwing hooks which seem to take Wheeler by surprise as he touches down to the canvas. He takes his time to get up on the eighth count from the referee and the opponent then pressures through the round. Wheeler looks tired as the round closes out. 
Into the final round and Wheeler looks tired as he makes a few flurries to save the fight. He can't find the knockout punch he needs at this point to claim the win though as Marinchev lands some stiff jabs at the end of the round. The referee scored the fight 59-53 to Marinchev.
Johnny Garton vs Casey Blair (welterweight, 6 x 3 minute rounds)
Garton starts slowly, allowing Casey to catch him in the corner. He warms up through the round though, working the better shots as the time progresses. In round two Garton walks him down throughout, the Londoner taking the fight to him through the round but not landing the heavy shots he is looking for,  Round three and Garton steps up the pressure now, working better on the inside. A good jab followed by a stepping right hand breaks through the guard of Blaire. He lets Blair work him on the ropes before turning him and planting his feet with big shots and retreating to centre ring with a great uppercut, fully in control of the fight. In the fourth Garton is working more off the ropes now. Blair is doing the steering and Garton is happy to be lead as he does his work on the backfoot. He then taken the initiative in centre ring before the two stand forehead to forehead and trade. Garton connects with two short and sharp uppercuts before going through the gears and attacking Blair. Blair throws more than enough to make the fight competitive. 
Round five and Garton has his rhythm now, hitting a nice overhand right on the ropes and following up with a flurry of punches around the ring as Blair retreats. Garton doesn't give him a moments rest for the round, but Blaire again is aggressive in his work, able to keep his hands throwing back. The better and cleaner work though comes from Garton, who displays his trademark come forward style.
In the final round Garton stays on him without finding the power shots needed to finish this early. The referee give the contest to Garton 60-55, who will be having his shot at the English welterweight title in early 2016. 
Tyler Goodjohn vs Ivo Gogosevic (welterweight, 6 x 3 minute rounds)
Huge ovation for Goodjohn who enter to 'I've got a brand new combine harvester' while wearing a straw hat. Probably not a look York Hall is used to. Goodjohn really uses the left hook well, controlling the first round with nice work at short range. Gogosevic encourages himself with two straight lefts to the ropes that Goodjohn smiles at and returns to centre ring.
In round two Goodjohn is the busier of the two and has the more accurate work but failing to break the effective guard of his opponent. In round three Gogosevic pins Goodjohn to the ropes and unloads but is unable to make the shots count as Goodjohn escapes and goes back to the left hook before leaping to a straight right hand. Gogosevic then shuffles the feet mid ring to the applause of the crowd, although it is his upper body which is struggling to find success. 
Round four and good body hooks sunk in by Goodjohn as Gogosevic attempts to rush him on the ropes, but Goodjohn is too canny for that to work, slipping out of the attacks. A big left hook connects from Gogosevic which sparks Goodjohn to life and he unleashes a barrage on the ropes but can't contain the slippery Gogosevic for long. 
In the fifth Goodjohn attacks early with rights and lefts to the head but the guard of Gogosevic is a tough barrier to break. Gogosevic then inflicts damage upon himself, slapping his own face a handful of times before a leaping attack to the bewilderment of onlookers. Another lunging attack sees Goodjohn sidestep and his opponent almost land face first into the corner post. He's up though and works his way back into range before Goodjohn works him back into the ropes to finish the round.
In the sixth and final round there are winging shots from Gogosevic which give Goodjohn an opportunity to show off his top class defence, slipping sliding and rolling his way out of trouble before a final exchange in centre of the ring gets the crowd excited. Goodjohn claims a 60-54 points win but Gogosevic was an entertaining opponent.
Ali Adams vs Dominic Akinlade (heavyweight Southern Area title, 10 x 3 minute rounds)
In the very first round Akinlade lands a right hook early that sends Adams tumbling to the canvas. He's up early and seems composed, more a flash knockdown than any damage. Big right hand to the body from Akinlade cements his position as the boss of round one.  Two good jabs from Adams open the second as the two big men then move the action to the corner. Akinlade connects two flush right hands to Adams but can't move him backwards. Adams then walks him back across the ring firing shots at the open chin. Akinlade turns the tables and hits a number of shots ended by a big right uppercut. Adams covers and holds, it turns out for too long as the ref deducts a points.
In the third the two engage on the ropes Akinlade finishes it by tossing Adams across the ring, no mean feat to a man of Adams size. Adams looks worn out, absorbing heavy blows from Akinlade who doesn't take a backwards step. Akinlade tees off at will on him in the corner. Both fighters look tired opening the fourth, the punches not carrying the power of the opening rounds. Adams hits a nice four punch combo to the head but Akinlade gets spurred on, unloading his own combination finished with a clean right but he can't find the energy to follow it up. Akinlade is finding success whenever he throws the left hook but can't seemingly fire it off enough.
In the fifth Adams slips while looking to attack on the ropes, but his legs don't seem to have a lot left in them. Good right from Akinlade bounces off the chin of Adams but he can't shift him back still, he follows it with a clean right hook to the body. Round ends with Akinlade having success with each shot he throws. In the sixth Adams is getting more success, the exchanges more equal as Akinlade seems to be tiring in the centre of the ring. Both men look worn out now as the quality of work has descended.  Rounds seven and eight are toe to toe throughout. Another point deduction for Adams who hits after the break near the end of the round. Akinlade takes advantage of Adams' complaints by stepping in for the attack and lands a big right as the bell goes. This has turned into bar brawl more than sweet science.
At the start of the ninth the crowd boos as the shorts fall low for Adams, delaying the start of the action. Akinlade still doing the better work of the two as he bosses Adams around the ring and controls the clinches.
In the final round Adams needs a miracle. Again the cleaner and sharper work started by Akinlade as the left hook delivers to the chin of Adams. The power is gone now though. Akinlade could decide to just see the round out but is happy to do his own work. Adams has nothing behind his punches and can't find a way to snatch victory here.  The winner on points is Akinlade 96-93, which seems an incredibly tight score given the first round knockdown, the two points deductions and his seeming domination of the action.
Brad Pauls vs Lajos Pocz (light middleweight, 4 x 3 minute rounds)
A huge reception for the debutant Pauls, who has brought support from his home of Cornwall as well as his university town of Southampton and his new home of London. The action starts with a great left hook from Pauls in the first ten seconds which does a lot of damage followed up by a right which sees Pocz take a knee. Pauls lands his attacks with real spite and intent, planting his feet and making sure his opponent feels every ounce of power generated. A big left to the body sees Pocz downed again shortly after he had regained his feet, then Pauls viciously attacks Pocz on the ropes and finishes the fight with a hard combination that sees his opponent collapse on the ropes.
His support go wild ringside and around the venue as he sucks in the atmosphere, starting his professional career with an impressive first round KO.
Ben Day vs Ryan Taylor (light welterweight Southern Area title, 10 x 3 minute rounds) 
The main event of the evening sees Ben Day met by huge roar from the crowd. MC Bret Hollywood revs the crowd for one final bout of the year.
The two start cautiously, Day pawing the jab out at Taylor and the first meaningful shot comes from Day with a straight right, as he then proceeds to drop the gloves and circle. Taylor is reluctant to throw his own punches, as Day works his way around the outside with tidy footwork and head movement seemingly befuddling Taylor. Day makes a sharp engagement, a big right troubles Taylor on the ropes before he follows it up with a number of shots on the ropes as Taylor falls to the canvas. He gets back up but Day smells blood (literally as it seeps from Taylor's nose) and makes his move on him as he chases him back across the ring. Another array of punches, started again by a big right, sees Taylor's knees buckle on the ropes as the ref has witnessed enough and jumps in to stop the fight in the first round.
Day does a roley poley as he embraces the crowd and hits his knees to celebrate his title victory, surrounded by elated gym mates and his delighted corner team. The man who didn't start his boxing career until late in his life picks up the Southern Area title and continues to surprise those who doubt him.
The night ends as Day celebrates outside the ring and that's the end of a great 2015 for Goodwin Promotions who will look to fill the 2016 calendar with more nights of high drama and excitement.