Robin Deakin

Rockin' Robin Deakin

'Rockin' Robin Deakin is a paradox.  He's a world renowned boxer, hits the headlines in the UK and worldwide.  "I get women that other men can only dream about, because I'm Robin Deakin" he tells me.  Yet behind the headlines and the lifestyle, this is a boxer who holds a record of 1 win, 51 losses.

"I'm not your standard journeyman.  Most of them come to survive - I give as good as I get in the ring"  But that approach from Robin is what underpins his most recent high profile battle - this time out of the ring.  He has been refused a licence to fight by the British Boxing Board of Control.  "They say they're worried about my health.  But how can they be worried when you look at the names of the fighters they sanctioned me to fight against?  I've been in the ring with the Hyland brothers (Eddie and Patrick), Anthony Crolla, Ryan Walsh, Josh Wale, Stephen Smith, Vinny Mitchell, Lee Gillespie and Billy Morgan.  These are decent operators.  If my health is such a concern I shouldn't have been allowed with them in the first place".

So now Robin finds himself on the periphery of British boxing.  In August, he will take to the ring on a GBA (German Boxing Association) card.  It must be frustrating for Robin who has given so much in British boxing rings in the past to be denied a future?  "Look, my solicitor has asked the Board for a reason as to why I don't get a licence but we never get a clear answer.  It's said that because of my record I'm a risk to myself.  But how am I meant to go about changing my record if I'm not allowed to fight?  End of the day I'm a fighter, I will fight anyone and when I'm on my game I know I can beat anyone as well.  There's this view that "oh, Robin takes too much punishment in the ring."  Do I fuck, I'm absolutely fine"
Look on Robin's Twitter account and he states that he's "not a journeyman anymore, I'm a contender, I'm the Essex answer to Rocky!".  There is a field of thought that Robin is unlucky to be classed as a journeyman in the first place.  It's easy to forget he is only 29 years old, having already had 52 professional fights.  His sole victory came in his first fight - the 51 losses came subsequently.  But writer and experts alike feel that he may have been the victim of his own record during that period - fights that he could or should have won he lost because........well, he's Robin Deakin.  Does the fighter share that view?
"Yeah, I've won some of those fights, I'm sure.  In my view, I beat Vinny Mitchell and Jason Hastie, that's just off the top of my head.  Ryan Taylor - that was a close fight, we dropped each other.  But then the fight gets stopped in the third round for no reason - if that had been left to go the distance I could have won that on points.  Listen, I'm young, fresh and hungry still.  I want to capitalise on my profile.  Most journeymen aren't talked about, but I make headlines.  I'd rather be the worst and most well known boxer than the best boxer that nobody has ever heard of.  I'm known all over the world."
That he is.  It was during the recent super fight between Mayweather and Pacquaio that Deakin again made the headlines.  With rumours abound that the pop singer Justin Bieber wanted to make his boxing debut on the undercard, Robin was quick to throw his name in to the ring as a potential opponent.  Was he serious?  "Yeah I wanted the fight, of course I would.  When I put it out there his agent got in contact saying that he wasn't completely decided.  But if he wants it, the offer is still there.  I'll do it for free, I'll pay my way to get there - no cost for them!  I'll do it because I'm a fighter and he's a singer.  I've worked hard to get in this position."

Battling pop singers aside, Deakin does have his fight lined up in August against Santino Caruna, a Scottish fighter with a record of 6-1-0.  Deakin of course is seen as another win for the Caruna record, but he doesn't see it as that.  "I can take him, I'm sure of it.  And when I win it will make headlines worldwide, I will knock Mayweather off of the papers.  I'm up training at the Jennings Gym with Michael and Dave Jennings - it's a top gym and they're top trainers.  I am absolutely going to be shocking people."

Deakin has a spirit that you have to admire.  He has faced battles in the ring and well publicised fights out of it.  You can't help but hope that a man who still has so many years of fighting potentially in front of him is able to capitalise on the profile he has currently.  Of course he has a catch 22 situation - start winning too many and his notoriety may disappear.  But in its place, he would find the potential to move up the ladder, possibly regain his licence and take his career to a new level entirely.

You can follow Robin on Twitter @rockinobinbox6