Thomas Doran

You're due to fight at the Echo Arena in Liverpool around 6.45 on a huge Matchroom bill with thousands in attendance.  As a fighter, what would you be doing at 3.30?  Running through the fight in your head, watching tapes of your opponent, fuelling the body for 6 tough rounds?  Not if you're as chilled as Tom Dorans - who decided it was a good time to take a call from me!
"I'm very confident - I've seen a clips of him (Mike Byles, his opponent,  5-2-0) on YouTube, it's nothing I'm worried about.  I'll go out and box and if the finish comes, it comes.  I think it will to be honest."
Tom has every right to be this confident.  An undefeated middleweight with a record of 14-0-0 and a former Matchroom PrizeFighter winner, at the age of 27 Tom has built up an impressive record. In Prizefighter alone he took out 2 undefeated fighters (Craig Cunningham & Luke Keeler) en route to the final, before taking out the aggressive Cella Renda with a third round stoppage to take the trophy & cheque. 
"When I fight the better opponents is when I perform.  It's hard to perform well against someone who doesn't want to win, especially being a counter boxer - when someone's throwing shots at me it's when I do my best work."
Tom's record is all the more impressive given he took a 3 year break from the sport between 2011 to 2014.
His final fight before the break was a one round blow out of Max Maxwell (14-9-3) which is an impressive name given Tom was only in his 10th fight.  But looking back at it, he is critical of his own performance:
"I wasn't happy with that one to be honest.  I came out and fought the wrong fight, I could have boxed the head off him every day of the week.  But I came out and fought toe to toe with him for some reason, I don't know what that was, maybe the occassion.
Tom rates his win against Henry Matthews (12-14-2) amongst his best to to date.  Although he took a knee in the last round, he still picked up a comfortable points victory.  "I had enough maturity about me to know that I was winning every round - I knew I was hurt so I took a count.  I thought that showed maturity and was a good win."
Tom is fighting tonight on a Matchroom show, which has come about due to the relationship between Tom's manager Dave Coldwell and the head of Matchroom Boxing Eddie Hearn.  Being under Dave's wing , along with winning the Matchroom Prizefighter, means that Tom is getting the exposure any young boxer could wish for.
"Winning Prizefighter puts you up on Matchroom's radar - obviously Dave is close with Eddie as well, that's how this has come about.  Winning Prizefighter has meant that even non-boxing fans start to recognise me now which is great."
Tom Doran
Regarding his 3 year break from boxing, Tom is reflective of the time out.  He never put the gloves down completely though and realised he had plenty left to offer.  "I was back in the gym for a little bit, I had a couple of semi-pro fights but the levels weren't even close and that's when I thought I need to be back.  I had a meeting with Dave (Coldwell) and signed up with him that day."

Tom has come back to a busy British middleweight division.  The recent high profile clash between Billy Joe Saunders and Chris Eubank Jr brought the focus back on the weight category.  With Andy Lee and Saunders set to battle it out later this year in Ireland for the WBO middleweight title and the ever colourful Spike O'Sullivan in the mix, it's a division with big names and big fights.  When the names were put to him, Tom was unsurprisingly calm and collected at the idea of the match ups.  "I'll happily fight any of those.  You've got two or three Brits in the world top ten, then below that there's a band of lads fighting at the British level.  I would be confident against any of those.  I'd like to challenge for the British in the next 12 months, whoever's holding that at the time."

Tom was right to be confident on the night.  A 5th round stoppage improved his perfect record to 15-0-0 at the Echo Arena.  He says he wants to stay busy through 2015 - with a 3 year break behind him, Tom's future could be as bright as he is laid back.

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Tom wanted to thank his sponsors AJ Field Electrical & Mechanical for their continued support.